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How is built a free-form pool and how far can you go in the eccentricity? Leaderpool your free-form pool builder in Grasse (France) shows you the steps of this exciting project.

Draw the free-form pool

When you decide to contact a pool maker, you probably already have a rough idea of what you want. Perhaps have you already drawn the plans of your future pool ! If so, this will help the pool manufacturer to meet your expectations. If instead you lack inspiration, you can consult catalogs or talk with the builder who will advise you.

Your exterior and and the pool's shape

The project of your pool must of course be consistent with the shape of your property. How harmoniously insert the monobloc basin? Your land can roughly determine the type of shape of your pool.

The technique of the monoblock concrete

Thanks to the revolutionary technique of monobloc concrete pouring, your pool can have the desired shape without difficulty. The patented Leaderpool process allows all the excentricities !

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Gallery of free-form pools

In addition to the curves of your pool, it is also possible to create a beach or create a tropical effect by adding eg a mini island in the center of your basin. Everything is allowed !

Who is Leaderpool ?

Leaderpools makes concrete monobloc swimming pool for clients from private and public sectors : your home, your hotels or your city ! Our offices are situated in south of France in the city of Grasse, close to Nice, St Tropez, Ste Maxime and not far from Marseille.

Discover more about us and our revolutionnary technique of monobloc swimming pools.

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