Piscine haut de gamme en béton armé et miroir
melange d'eau et bois pour une piscine dans un écrin de verdure
piscine avec volet de protection en monobloc

Process for obtaining a sustainable pool of free forms. We combined it with a strange finishing mortar and an epoxy laid tile for durability that had to be very long. For me, the best process today.

Master pool Greece

YOU ARE JUST GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Exceptional technique, fast, easy and allowing great creativity in complete safety. Thank you Thierry!


Very technical product for swimming pool very technical, but what a result! Beautiful, unique and solid!


Superb product, technical but easy to set up. A unique process for a unique pool, built to last. More than serious business.

Professionals of the swimming pool you wish to propose to your customers the concept Leaderpool, the realization of their swimming pool armed concrete monoblock, ask for more piece of information !