Since 20 years, Leaderpool has built thousands pools in the whole world. Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland…

An international success due to a concept and know-how combining traditional and technology for a unique and upscale pool.

Using a patented process for the manufacture, our concept of reinforced concrete pools allows to build strong, durable swimming pools and create the form of pool that our customers want. Your pool manufacturer Leader Pool explains in more detail the concept of concrete pools monobloc.

The monobloc concrete swimming pool , the technological ally of your custom pool

It is a formwork allowing the realization of reinforced concrete veil banché. These forms are equipped with triangulated beams that provide exceptional rigidity of the walls. This allows the construction of cantilevered beaches. High and low peripheral chaining connected by triangulated beams completely surround the basin. On the ground side the galvanized sheet serves as formwork and protects the soil acidity.

Inside, a mesh with galvanized fine mesh serves as formwork. During casting you will have a perfect visibility of your execution. In addition, this grill avoids any risk of microcracks.

Leader Pool’s method makes the difference

  • Allows all types of lining.
  • All forms free, linear or landscape.
  • A continuous reinforcement and perfectly positioned.
  • The use of triangulated beams (every 20 cm) ensures perfect rigidity and stability of the walls and allows the construction of cantilevered beaches

  • The perfect anchoring of the walls to the foot by a peripheral chaining ensures an insensitivity to the outbreaks of water and soil.
  • The galvanized wire mesh inside the basin eliminates any risk of microcracking and allows a perfect visibility when pouring concrete.

  • The presence of galvanized sheet, earth side, protects from the acidity of the grounds.

A unique and patented process

The Leader Pool process provides a one-piece reinforced concrete structure; that is to say that the bottom, the walls and possibly the beaches are poured in a single operation with concrete from approved plants. The design of the structure and the follow-up of the works are carried out by professionals approved by Leader Pool, chosen for their know-how and their mastery of this unique and patented process.

Technological retaining walls for your pool

Retaining walls operable to retain a land located upstream of a building. When it comes to a pool, its mission is to provide a safety barrier that will prevent some damage such as microcracks.


Why monoblock concrete pool is ideal for retaining walls?

Thanks to a revolutionary technique Leader Pool builds retaining walls regardless of the height and shape. Indeed, by limiting the scaffolding, formwork and agglomerate, straight and curved walls can be built easily : the concrete is poured in just one shot. This technique also leaves a safe and clean construction site.

After the construction of a suitable grounding, Leader Pool’s formworks will be installed according to the height and shape of your wall and reinforced with steel according to the engineering plans. The next is the casting, made easy by our process.

Piscine à travers le monde en entier

Leader Pool, concrete pools around the world

Leader Pool delivers its monobloc reinforced concrete pools internationally. Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands or Spain … The concept of Pool Leader pools is spreading all over Europe but not only! Our achievements are exported all over the world in Guadeloupe, in Canada and in the islands like Guadeloupe, Reunion …

Installed in Grasse in the Var, we do not forsake the South of France since we realize your pools throughout the Great South. From Montpellier to Bordeaux via Toulouse, Béziers … Leader Pool delivers your pool in several departments including the Hérault, Haute-Garonne, Bouches-du-Rhône but also the whole of France according to demand!

Our concept interests you?
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