Imagine your perfect pool and we realize it ! Our concept of reinforced concrete pool monoblock. This technique allow all the extravagances of forms for your swimming pool. Curves and roundedis only a formality with Leader Pool !

Our freeform pools allow you to have a unique pool! We design your monoblock swimming pool according to the outside where you want to install it and the aesthetics you want to give it. Heart-shaped, with several rounded, square and angular for a small contemporary pool … We create your monobloc pool by adapting to your tastes and sinuosities of your garden.

Bassin type naturel en béton armé couleur vert

All pool forms without limit with the Leader Pool process

Here are some realizations of swimming pools in free form, with or without overflow. Insert in your space any type of basins following the curves of your garden. Our patented process allows us to adapat us to all garden configurations.

Example of achievements

Use an experienced pool specialist to design your monobloc pool. Leader Pool located in the Var in Grasse realizes your pool in the shape you want in the Great South Béziers, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Toulouse … including the Bouches-du-Rhone, the Var but also and more widely throughout the France, Europe and the whole world!